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Best Way to Secure your Adsense Account from Fraudulent Clicks and Block

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This article interprets about the attention that needs to be taken to safeguard your AdSense account from false, deceitful clicks and which may result into blocking of your AdSense account.

As a blogger, you have to be very careful about fake and untrue traffic that are going around. Most of those things are going to be harmful to your adsense earnings. As a blogger, you have to avoid anything that would touch your carrier. Unless if you are not a carrier blogger. There is no a shortcut to success. That is what you should be able to get into your mind all the time. If you see someone trying to give you any hint on how to get more traffic on your blog, don’quickly 

Some days ago, or in many cases we have seen a lot of bloggers lose their Adsense accounts as a result of fraudulent clicks and therefore many of our partners lost their Earnings and Hard work results with this.

Here, I am putting on few Approaches to SAFEGUARD your adsense account from fraudulent clicks.

1] What are False Clicks ?

– You may think that FALSE clicks are those clicked by Publishers. Certainly, if you could be using your Adsense account in different Forums, such as Groups, Communities, which ask you to place your Adsense code only and shares with you most % revenue.

Most of the Adsense stoners claim that they are innocent and have never clicked on their on AdSense ads. So they do not have any idea why click fraud can occur on their AdSense accounts. Please Do not give your Adsense Code in any such websites, which ask you to put your adsense code as Pub-xxxxxxxxxx. This is because most of the fraud clicks are generated in these type of websites.


2] To safeguard your Adsense account, please do not use AutoSurf Programs to promote your websites that incorporate AdSense. In broad, AutoSurf programs can boost highly website traffic or hits to your AdSense page view and ecpm; but people who surf your site only to earn advertising credit or other type of incentives.


3] Please do not complicate in any traffic exchange networks and programs. This will go against your Adsense as, if you join one or two or more such type programs or Networks, then it will bring stready Adsense Commision to your adsense. Google will observe such types Groups of People who are clicking each others’ Ads and Google will restrain those Publishers.

Traffic Exchange also means to see which artificially generated tons of unreal website traffic or hits and it increases number of AdSense page view & ecpm and it is strictly prohibited by Google.

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