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Kirra Heart Attack Beating Video Twitter

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Kirra Heart Attack Beating Video. A girl named Kirra Hart was invited to a sleepover on March 11th, 2023 by a group of friends. Once she arrived, they took her belongings and began torturing her.

She was punched, cut with a knife, tied up at times, had objects like glass bottles thrown at her, and had her head stomped
She was held hostage for 4 hours, and the main perpetrators were Rhynisha Grech (aged 14) and Chloe Denman (aged 14–15) These girls were charged with few charges and received no jail time.

Kirra Heart Attack Beating Video

The saddest part about Kirra Heart Beating Video is that these girls only got a slap on the wrist and were released on bail when they should’ve been locked up on the spot. The justice system is rigged, a lot of people believe Kirra Hart deserves more justice than she is receiving.”
Kirra Heart Attack Beating Video was shared on Twitter by someone named dont_talktome9 Twitter, but you can view the Original Clip Here (Warning: the video has graphic content.)
“She’s blaming it all on Chloe which yes she was the one who stabbed Kirra, but still! Chloe, Ryhnisha & her sister will be held accountable and they will rot” A girl tweeted

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