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Finally! NEXIT-N-power It’s your Turn!

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Breaking News  The exited N-power beneficiaries are very soon going to smile again as the Federal Government remember them. The statement from the Ministry for Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Sacial Development, disclosed that NEXIT beneficiaries are not forgotten by the ministry.

The ministry further instructed that all the batches of NEXIT should endeavour to follow the instructions given to them, in order to be considered for the upcoming program designed for them

Below, is the statement made by the ministry;


The 1st batch of NEXIT Training will commence in February, 2022. Kindly dial *45665# on or before Friday 4th February to check your eligibility and  indicate your availability to take part in the programme.

Follow the instructions given after dialling the numbers and make sure your BVN is handy before you dial the said numbers above.

Also, the phone number that you applied the N-power with. Don’t make the mistake of changing the number with the one that is not acceptable. Adhere to the time frame and ensure that you do the needful things at the right time. 

Please share this information as much as you could, so that it will reach everyone.

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