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19 Best Websites that Pay you in Dollars per article

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 19 Best Websites that Pay you in Dollars per article.

Did you know some websites pay you to write? There are many ways to make money with your writing skills. You can be paid per article, per blog post, or even per tweet!
All the sites listed below will pay you for writing an article. If you don’t have a website, it’s time to raise your profile and get one. Joining a writing community is also a great way to improve your reputation and get more work.

1. Blogger News Network

Blogger News Network is an aggregator of news and information on the Internet. It is a new way to share your thoughts.

2. Distrokid

Distrokid is an online publication that pays you to write an article for their website and publish it on their website. They have a very simple concept. If you have the skill, communication and hard work to write about some issues, then you might be able to earn money from them.
They have established a reputation for writing articles that are well-written, thought-provoking and informative. So if you want to start earning money as a writer, then this is the place for you.
The site has been around since 2010 but they only recently began paying writers. The pay starts at $100 per article with a minimum of $1 per day of work. They also enable writers to publish with them on their site, which gives writers the right to share their articles all over the world via social media sites like Facebook or Twitter and blogs through Blogger or Tumblr.

3. HubPages

The more you read and the more you write, the better your chances of getting paid. Don’t ever stop writing. The more you write, the better your results and the more readers will find your work valuable.

4. iWriter

It’s easy to hear about sites that pay you per article. They’re all free. And that’s just fine because there are no rules for you. There is no way to ensure that you get your money back or to see how your content will be used. If you want to make money, it’s up to you — and if you don’t want the money, then forget this whole article.
This doesn’t mean that these sites aren’t worthwhile though. You might find a site like this one intriguing since they pay every week
The site is geared toward writers who want content written for them; once they accept an assignment, they can use the site to get paid every week or every month depending on their income. It does take some time, however, because it requires them to write for 4-5 hours a day for 4 weeks straight — there is no way around it.

5. MediaBistro

MediaBistro is an internet advertising marketplace that pays publishers and bloggers based on the number of views their articles receive. All you have to do is register, upload your content and list it on the site.

6. MyCred

It is the particular way in which writers are paid for their work that makes writing money. We have this weird thing called “cred”.
What is cred? Essentially, it is an online reputation. It’s a reputation that can be earned and associated with our writing. We are not selling our writing, we are simply selling our reputation. Writers get paid for the work they do and if they do a good job then they will be rewarded by many people who want to read what they write.

7. StumbleUpon Submission Service

StumbleUpon is a popular website that allows authors to monetize the traffic generated from their content by paying them for it. The service is simple. You create an account and make a list of your most popular articles and choose a price — $100 or $500 — then submit your article to the site, which will pay you based on the number of clicks you receive.

8. TakePitch

If you are serious about earning a decent income from writing, then you should pay attention to the tips that follow. There are some websites out there that will pay you a lot of money for the articles that you submit to them. The question is how much do they pay?
TakePitch is one such website that offers writers sizable sums of money to write articles. The website’s chief executive officer (CEO) told us, “We try to get relevant content written by our writers and then they would be paid every time they publish an article on our service.”

9. Textbroker

Content is King. But if you want to make money with your writing, you need to create compelling content that people want to read. Content is king, but at the same time, it’s not enough. Publishing a blog or a book will do nothing to advance your career. You need to write compelling articles that generate lots of traffic and comments from readers.
This is where Textbroker comes in handy, as their auto-journalist software allows writers to format articles quickly and easily. They have a large list of free resources for writers who want more control over the content they publish on the web. The software works well on all major platforms (PC, Mac and Linux), making it easier than ever for writers to publish their content on all major publishing platforms (eBook, ePub, Kindle and iBooks).

10. ArticleDynamics

ArticleDynamics is a unique and innovative website that allows writers the opportunity to share their work with the world. The site allows writers to post an article, and pay for it through a subscription. The fees are based on the number of views/clicks and the profit percentage earned by that writer.
The site has over 500+ authors that have published articles on various subjects, including news, reviews, interviews, comedy and many more. All of the authors are compensated for their work and receive payment either through PayPal or via credit card once the article has been published. The site also allows writers to create customized templates for their articles that can be hosted at no cost (although the author)

11. List verse

This website was created in 2005 and was originally a way of monetizing sites like mine. It’s been one of the most popular websites ever, and we have been a part of countless articles that have been read and shared around the world.
This website offers you an opportunity to earn money from your writing by simply signing up for the site, submitting your work for review, and earning a small amount per article. This can be anywhere from $1–$100 per article depending on how long it is.
If you want to write about multiple topics or just want to write about something you’re passionate about, this is the place for you. Our writers will be happy to take on any topic/topic area that interests us as readers.

12. – $20 – $40 per article

You’ve worked hard in your free time to produce this article but didn’t have the time or resources to properly write an article. Now you can make money on it! is a company that will pay you for writing an article for them. They pay you a flat fee of $20 – $40 per article, depending on its length and the amount of content in it. You’ll receive payment directly into your account through PayPal (no bank account required).

13. –$20 – $40 per article

You’re writing an article. You have to think about it. How will you make it interesting? What are you going to say? What are you going to do with the article? How will you get it published? There is a lot of competition out there, so everyone wants your attention. You have to be smart about how you present yourself. Your bio should be unique and interesting. And your post should have something that people need to know and that they can find easily. That’s what I want my site — — to do, and I hope that everyone who visits my site does too. (I also want people to learn from what I write.) I hope that as you read this article, you will visit my website for more ideas for how I write, how articles are written and what makes people want more of me in their lives.

14. – $30- $50 per article

If you want to earn money from your blog, buying articles from other websites is a good idea. But at the same time, you need to be careful about how you do it. It is important to note that any website selling articles for money does not have a good reputation for paying for quality articles. Such sites can force a writer to buy low-quality material and thus reduce their quality. If you are considering buying articles from such sites, think twice before doing it because the site will always offer high-quality material at low prices.

15. – $30- $70 per article

With the rise in popularity of websites like, I feel it is important to add it to the list. This is a site that pays you at least $100 for each article you submit. There are only a few different ways to earn money with this type of site, so you should be prepared to do some research before accepting an offer. You can either write an article and submit it to the website or write an article and submit your bio on their blog. The website will pay you a check every time someone views your article and clicks on your bio link. If they read your bio, they will also see your articles on their site as well as a discount coupon code that they will send you or share with you if you are approved for publication on the site.

Extra-content-marketing24-Langenuebersicht-Website -$30- $70 per article

Writing can be a strange purpose when you aren’t paid to do it. You should keep at it because improvement only comes with practice. However, a writer’s pursuit of perfection is a never-ending journey. That’s a fancy way of putting it. The truth is that there are neither zeniths for us to attain. There are no moon landings. No timeouts either. But there are perfectly valid reasons for you to stop procrastinating and start writing. The creative process can be an intoxicating dilemma One moment you feel warm and you ache to grab the sun You want to hold it in your fist and squeeze it until it leaks light on everybody Hold your readers’ hands and show them around a beautiful abode. Rub lemon balm on their foreheads. Tell them that everything will be okay. Other times — you want to grab people by the collar and scream at them Pour burning wax on farcical myths they subscribe to. Showcase how destructive their contributions to the planet are

16. Articlemonster – A site that pays up to $150 per article (I’ve been told it only pays up to $80)

I’ve been doing some research on Articlemonster, and if you’re looking for a site that pays up to $150 per article, they are the ones to check out. Why would you pay $100+ for a free article? They certainly don’t want your money, but they do offer other benefits that include a lot of features and services (including sites like Linkedin). I haven’t looked into their plagiarism policy as of yet, but if it’s as strict as other sites I’ve seen, it will be hard to get caught. If you’re looking for a site that pays you up to $80 per article (or even less), then check out Writer’s Store or WriteUp. They offer articles on all sorts of topics including politics, business, technology, science and more. Check them out! Topic: 3 ways to make money online without having to sell your soul Subtopic: The 3 ways you can make money online – Real people sell products online Keywords: online business opportunity Text: There are two types of businesses online; those who are successful and those who aren’t. The former have built businesses around their products or services while the latter do nothing because they don’t have any products or services around at all. This is not an over-simplification of the industry. 90%-95% of internet businesses indeed fail within 5 years. Many say that more than half of the companies which were launched in the 1990s will not survive in this decade too! That being said, there are still plenty of opportunities out there for new entrepreneurs. If you’re willing to put in some time and effort, then there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t create a business from home or from anywhere else where you can work on your schedule (provided that it isn’t too difficult). Here are 3 ways by which you can make money from home without having to sell your soul: 1) Become A Dog-Sitter For Others: This option could appeal to people who love animals but have no time for them anymore since they have children; self-employed dog-sitters can often be found working part-time jobs while raising children at home (and sometimes also with their pets). Of course, this lifestyle doesn’t come cheap; if anyone has tried this option he/she might have been able to tell how stressful it is.

17. Articlefactory -$20-$50 for 10 articles

Articlefactory is a platform where anyone can publish articles. It charges $20 to $50 per article, depending on the length and complexity of the article, and asks for a link back to your site. Their mission is to democratize writing, enabling anyone with an idea for an article to publish it on their blog. They claim that the Article factory is “the future of journalism.” Authors are paid for their work and receive an average of 6-8 cents per word plus any referral fees or tips from readers or Facebook fans. The goal of the platform is to help writers make more money from their writing by allowing them to reach multiple audiences with their content instead of just one.

18. Articlehunter 

 Another site that will pay you if you post your piece
Article writing is the process of writing a well-written article or blog post. It’s a great way to monetize your website. No matter how good your content is, it won’t be as good if it lacks originality and can’t be related to anything you already have out there in the world. The article writer advantage comes in when you are working on an article that doesn’t require much thought. You just need to write a few sentences and then publish them. The key is that you need to write something that will naturally make someone want to read more about it, so they will come back for more.

19. Articleguru – Some sites will pay you if the topic is relevant and interesting

The internet is a new frontier for content creation. Many sites are designed to pay you for writing articles, whether it is about your website or about whatever you want to write. You have many options here. Some sites will pay you if the topic is relevant and interesting and most will allow a bio with a link back to your site. Articleguru: Listed below are some of the best sites that will pay you per article, upon acceptance or publication, and most will allow a bio with a link back to your site. Articleguru has been around since 2002 and offers paid writing gigs and opportunities for authors to share their knowledge online. The company wants its authors to learn how tough it can be, but also how rewarding the journey can be in the end. They have been featured in Forbes, The Daily Mail, Associated Press, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, CBS News, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, National Public Radio, NBC News, BBC Worldwide Television Studios, ESPN Magazine (ESPN Magazine), MTV Music Australia and other media outlets. Write With Me: Listed below are some of the best sites that will pay you per article, upon acceptance or publication, and most will allow a bio with a link back to your site. Write With Me allows writers to publish free short stories on their official website as well as post their articles on other popular websites such as Business Insider and Mashable. Writing with Me puts writers in control of where they choose to share their work online; whether it’s on social media like Facebook or Twitter or on blogs for publications like The Huffington Post or The New York Times. It’s up to writers what they choose from one of these sites; whether it’s posting articles themselves or letting others write with them. Writers can make anywhere from $10 – $100 per article depending on how much time works for them – so there isn’t any upper limit here. Posting on this site costs nothing so it’s easy enough for just anyone; not just those who make content regularly either. Writing For Pay: Listed below are some of the best sites that will pay you per article, upon acceptance or publication, and most will allow a bio with a link back to your site. Writing For Pay has been around since 2008 — but when I saw what they offer writers I knew I had found something special here! It pays better than any other marketplace out there right now.

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