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11-Year-Old Borno Student Invents Mini-Generator Powering Light Bulbs

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11-Year-Old Borno Student Invents Mini-Generator Powering Light Bulbs

A JSS 1 student of Al-Ansar Academy in Maiduguri, Muhammad Kaumi Bashir, has fabricated a mini-generator. 

Bashir’s mini-generator, which does not use fuel, is capable of powering light bulbs at home.

The 11-year-old Borno student, in a less than two minutes video clip obtained by PRNigeria, was seen ‘testing’ his ‘invented’ power device.

His life has so far been about inventing and repairing electronic appliances,” she said.

Kaumi, said her son is nursing the dream of becoming a renowned electrical engineer.

She added: “He wakes up every day and tells me that he wants to be a renowned electrical engineer, that will be known across the world.

“He is passionate about setting up a big electrical engineering firm, and then use it to solve the country’s power crisis”.

Bashir’s mother called on the Borno State, and Federal Government, together with spirited individuals to help her son achieve his ‘evergreen’ dream.

On his part, the young inventor told PRNigeria, that his dream is to be an electrical engineer who will help tackle the power problem, the country has been battling with for years.

Bashir explained that he fabricated his generator to provide ‘light’ to their house.

“Since Maiduguri has been having electricity problem for over two years now, and my father cannot afford to install a solar, I decided to manufacture this my generator that does not use petrol, and can power light bulbs,” he said.

PRNigeria gathered that items used by Bashir to fabricate his mini-generator include two capacitors, a wire, light bulbs, a fan metal hook, among others.

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