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Understanding Woman – By Dr. Auwal Mustapha Imam

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 Understanding  Woman – By Dr. Auwal Mustapha Imam

Typically, a woman does not have the notion of keeping her word for the sake of honor. While she may say things like “I love you”, or promise things like “We are going to have sex on [specific location]”, she may rewrite what has transpired based on how she is feeling at the moment.

Focus on using her past behaviors to predict future behaviors and creating lifestyle habits that are tailored around quality spending time with you. The more quality time a woman spends with you, the more emotionally attached she will become. Psychologists refer to this phenomenon as “The Mere Exposure Effect”. To capitalize on it, the smart seducer will create a lifestyle habit for a woman to spend that time with them.

Doing unreciprocated favors for a woman doesn’t generate sexual attraction. It puts you into the provider role and (ironically) kills attraction, because women don’t respect men that they exploit. In her eyes, worshiping her makes you seem subjectively and relatively inferior.

Women are biologically hardwired to be able to branch swing to a higher status man – given the opportunity. Hypergamy is a bitch. One day she loves you, the next day she doesn’t care if you’re dead. The frame is your perspective of reality. When your frame is strong, a woman will accept your perspective of reality as her perspective of reality – resulting in a mutual understanding. Even a dominant woman desires to submit to a more dominant and competent man than her.

Don’t take a woman’s words at face value and interpret them literally. Only a fool will trust a woman’s words as the final truth. Women perceive the world through their feelings, so a style of communication designed to trigger a woman’s emotions will be more impactful than a style of communication that is logical and emotionally dry. 

Communication is the act of sending the selected ideas that are on your mind and the emotions that are in your heart to someone else. Communication is a two-way street. You are constantly sending out and receiving signals from women.

The goal of Seductive Communication is to send out Sexy Signals (also known as Attraction Spikes) that amplify attraction and avoid sending out Repulsive Signals (also known as Repulsion Spikes) that decrease attraction. You can be many things to women, but boring is not one of them; being boring is the cardinal sin in a relationships

Don’t fall into the trap of her emotions and don’t get caught in it. Most of the emotions a woman falls into don’t need to be discussed. The words that come out of her mouth are merely opinions – even if they sound like convincing facts. Fortunate is the man who doesn’t believe everything he hears a woman say but is skeptical.

An intrigue is a form of value. You can use communication to teach her fascinating facts about her (cold reading, astrology, palmistry, personality type, etc.) or her favorite subjects (yoga, meditation, spirituality, ambitions, etc).

A woman isn’t going to metaphorically take your hand and guide you through the seduction process. If you don’t take the initiative and escalate the vibe yourself then 9 out of 10 times nothing will happen. Men must lead women in the mating process. This is the way of the world.

By studying a woman’s actions and body language, you’ll quickly assess her true feelings about you. She can be verbally sweet, but if her actions reveal a different story then don’t waste your time. Run.

Women are naturally manipulative (and are driven to achieve their agenda that benefits them directly – as is human nature in general), so often the ideas that they are transmitting to you do not reflect reality.

Women are value consumers and attracted to value givers. By becoming an effective communicator, you’ll be able to generate value from scratch. When you have the right communication skills, you’ll be able to create on-command the value that women feed on.

Even if you get married and raise a family with a particular woman, divorce or death may occur. Alternatively, even in a marriage, the relationship can be severed in everything but the legalities.

99.99% of relationships are temporary. This phenomenon is largely due to the prevalence of the internet, social media, dating apps, and dating sites, which have made it easier than ever before for women to meet men. The higher the access the higher the temptations. In a world where the dating market has become global, the unaware are always caught off guard and lose their mate value very quickly.

It is silly to follow a woman’s lead in life. She cannot simply reason with cold logic, uninfluenced by emotion, and execute accordingly. Establish a behavioral pattern of dominance from the very start. Take control and lead – physically, psychologically, and logistically.

Her actions are based on impulses, what feels good in the moment, and what feels good to believe. They almost always go away on their own after lasting for some moments. Women are loyal to their feelings and never to a man’s sacrifices.

Therefore, learn to not take a woman’s words at the surface level, but look to see the implied frames that she is trying to set, the overall meaning of the interaction, and the messages communicated by her body language.

Auwal Mustapha Imam, Ph.D.

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