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I will not Sing for Any Politician Except those who are for Kwankwasiyya Movement – Tijjani Gandu

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I will not Sing for Any Politician Except those who are for Kwankwasiyya Movement – Tijjani Gandu

Tijjani Gandu, a singer of the praises of the Messenger of God (pbuh), who has also played his part in political songs, has revealed that there is no politician at the moment that he can sing for him except those that are followers of Kwankwasiyya, especially in Kano State.

He said this while talking to Film magazine.

While talking about political songs, Malam Tijjani said: "Everyone knows, there is no other song that I am known for except the song 'Abba Gida-Gida Abba', the song that rose up in the 2019 elections, and I'm proud of it because it's a song that raised my reputation in the eyes of the world. It is the song made me famous among my pairs.

"And in politics, I am a Kwankwasiyya singer. As long as it is in Kano, there is no politician that I will sing for except Kwankwasiyya and her members. As you heard us say, we did not start to stop!"

Another thing is that not everyone knows how Tijjani got into the music industry, but he said in his interview with our correspondent, he said that he himself did not think he would become a singer.

He said: “I never thought I would be a singer. I just had a relationship with a singer before becoming one of them during my career, then God made me a singer today.

"Because of her development and fame I did small businesses, including painting, and this made me build relationships with musicians."

Explaining how he became a musician, Tijjani said: "Anyone who wants a painting done in his studio, he calls me and I do it for him. Then I became famous among them, we got used to it, I went to every studio and stayed until I started learning music."

He went on to say, "As I was singing songs for Mawludi in our school, I became able to write songs praising the Messenger of God and warnings." So I started by praising the Messenger of God. I'm doing it until I'm known among singers."

He made many songs, but he was not known for a while. According to him, the song that brought him out and made him known was "Yar Maye". "It's the only song and the reason why I am known in the world of music today," he said.

The singer made a call to his colleagues, he said, "I call on the singers to maintain the dignity of our profession, and protect everything that will bring down our dignity

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