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Kuaron Harvey Video Twitter

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Kuaron Harvey Video Twitter
Kuaron Harvey Video

Kuaron Harvey Video Twitter

Kuaron Harvey Video Twitter. The most tragic thing that happened in the United States was how a 12-year-old girl accidentally shot her 14-year-old cousin while doing a live video on Instagram, 

The Kuaron Harvey Video went viral on Google and social media after many people heard this sad story about this incident that someone tiled the video as Kuaron Harvey

Many online users who have already watched this horrible video said the clip does not belong on the internet because it was very disturbing to watch.

“It’s sad that she knew that her life was over and the guilt so she ended her own life too. It’s so sad. Rest in peace; life is still just beginning and will end too soon, someone wrote on Twitter.

Kuaron Harvey Video Live Twitter

According to someone who posted on Twitter, “Video shows 12-year-old girl fatally shooting her 14-year-old cousin before killing herself in an apartment bathroom in St. Louis. Please pray for their family.”

Many regret watching this video because of the pity they feel for these kids and their families, who lost two souls within minutes.
You can find the video on the Telegram channel named Zallah20

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