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Waka Sabadell De Video Twitter Guille_088 Discoteca Reddit

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Waka Sabadell De Video Twitter Guille_088
Waka Sabadell De Video

Waka Sabadell De Video Twitter Guille_088 Discoteca Reddit

A viral video that was uploaded by many social media users like guille_088 Twitter shows how a brave Waka Sabadell De Video Twitter Discoteca after her dog accidentally fell inside it, And the CCTV camera recorded when two dogs playing while one of them slipped into a frozen pool
The woman came from her room fast after she heard one of the dogs barking multiple times to call someone to save his friend, And the woman didn’t hesitate to jump inside that Waka Sabadell Twitter for saving her dog, “Dog falls through the ice of a frozen swimming pool — and his mom jumps in after him” The Dodo caption
Waka Sabadell De Video Twitter Discoteca

The dog was very lucky to be pulled out of that pool before the cold could kill him, And the woman ran to her room and find something that could make her warm. “I had a fire going, so I laid him down and just started rubbing him”
Many social media who have watched this video was very impressed by what that woman did to save a dog from a frozen pool. here is what some of them said:

Waka Sabadell De Video Twitter

“What a terrifying experience that must’ve been. So glad that she got to him in time. My heart was pounding just watching that!”
“You are a superhero mom, greatly save! Sooooo happy your dog is ok, I would have done the same thing.”
“Not sure why she is getting all the praise. It is her responsibility to go in and get him. That pool is a dangerous situation.”
Waka Sabadell De Video Twitter Discoteca

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