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Guy Blends Cat In Blender Video Jumped

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The Guy Blends Cat In Blender Video is trending on Google after so many people heard the cat blender guy getting jumped following his horrible action on the poor cat.

If you don’t know the trending video story: “A guy named Luka Magnotta from China was seen in a viral video blending a cat alive (Watch Cat Blender Video) and then putting it in the microwave.”

The Cat in the Blender video caught people’s attention on social media after someone shared the footage showing how that horrible thing happened.
Guy Blends Cat In Blender Video Jumped

According to the reports from Twitter, the guy who blends that cat alive meets with people’s anger regarding his action,

The viral video that was shared on social media titled ‘Cat blender guy jumped‘ revealed how some unknown people are beating a guy publicly.

But there is no actual evidence that proves that man is a cat blender guy. The Guy Blends Cat in Blender Video is still going around online as many people are still searching to watch the real video footage.

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