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Azam Swati Wife Video Viral Video Twitter

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Azam Swati Wife Video Viral Video

Azam Swati Wife Video Viral Video Twitter

Some people are very evil these days regarding other people’s privacy. Azam Swati Wife Video Viral Video Twitter went viral on social media after some heartless person sent a naked video of an old woman to her husband and daughter.
This evil act happened to a member of the Senate of Pakistan, Azam Khan Swati. Swati says his wife received a private video featuring him and her from an unknown number. Also, an actual report confirmed Swati’s daughter informed him about the video.
“The video of Azam Swati and her wife, sent to her by an unknown number and known to both of them to be genuine and shot at the Supreme Judicial Lodges in Quetta, is apparently “circulating on the Internet” and “fake,” according to the FIA. The video is not public. They think we are all stupid.”
Azam Swati Wife Video Viral Video Twitter

But some people and the country’s government believed the video was fake and just made to cause problems for Azam Khan Swati. But despite saying the viral clip was fake, Swati was seen crying about this issue in another video.
There are still many online users that are looking to watch this video or find the real truth about it, as many news sources are writing articles to reveal what really happened. Here are some people’s tweets about the Azam Swati Wife Video.
“Listening to Azam Swati break down on camera is heartbreaking. Imagine someone sending him a video of him and his wife. He’s near the end of his life and he had to admit that on camera because for someone the ‘feelings’ of the rank and file are more important than the law #AzamSwati”
“I’m really ashamed to call myself Pakistani. How someone can let himself down to such a level!!!! How someone can send a private video of the husband and wife to the daughter. Such a shame!!!!!!!!!! 
#AzamSwati  #justiceforazamswati”
“They made a video of Azam Swati with his wife. Sent it to his wife and daughter’s mobile. His wife is a woman who is never seen in public, fasts 10 days a month, and a woman who is a grandmother. Ya Allah reham! #AzamSwati”
Azam Swati Wife Video Twitter

This is insane and disgusting. Some unknown number sent Azam Swati and his wife’s private video to latter. Swati bursts into tears.

— Riaz ul Haq (@Riazhaq) November 5, 2022

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