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Maggie Murdaugh Autopsy Photos Twitter Reddit

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Maggie Murdaugh Autopsy Photos Twitter Reddit

Maggie Murdaugh Autopsy Photos Twitter Reddit

Maggie Murdaugh Autopsy Photos are trending on social media sites like Twitter and Reddit, and they were accidentally shown on a live stream of her husband’s trial, which is suspected of killing her. The Maggie autopsy photo was only revealed because the judge asked to bring it as evidence.

The pictures of the dead Maggie’s body (Murdaugh’s wife) were posted by some people following the live trial on their computers. Maggie Murdaugh’s autopsy photos are now all over Twitter and Reddit.
Maggie Murdaugh Autopsy Photos
The Daily Mail reported that judge Newman warned people who are sharing Maggie’s autopsy photo to stop or they will face justice for doing that. Many people are saying the images shouldn’t be shared on social media.

Many claimed the first man to share Maggie Murdaugh Autopsy Photos on Twitter his name is Robert B Long, and his handle was already blocked by Twitter after a lot of people reported his profile.
“This man has posted autopsy pictures of Maggie & Paul Murdaugh.  It’s against the court order.  It’s disgusting & he is pathetic for doing this.  Go to his post & report it!  I did already & he blocked me. He may be getting scared.”
maggie autopsy photo

Twitter Reactions About Maggie Murdaugh Autopsy Photos:
“The live feed from the #MurdaughTrial showed a Maggie Murdaugh autopsy photo of a GSW that Harpootlian had lying face up on the podium. Then Poot flashed another one over his shoulder. Was that deliberate? He seems to have self-corrected for discussion of Paul’s wounds.”
“Victims MATTER! Victims deserve privacy and dignity in life and death. It is inexcusable to share autopsy photos of Maggie & Paul Murdaugh. It’s disgusting and horrific and MUST be shut down. #murdaughtrial”

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