Steps on How to Get your Dream Jobs in 2023

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Steps on How to Get your Dream Jobs in 2023.

Steps on How to Get your Dream Jobs in 2023

The year 2022 was characterized by massive layoffs by tech companies and resignations by employees relocating to foreign countries.

In the New Year, the looming recession may force more companies to lay off staff, even as more people relocating abroad will be resigning from their jobs. This leaves room for you to position yourself for vacant job positions in and outside of Nigeria.

Building your confidence in the job search and knowing exactly what hiring managers are looking for can help speed up the process of landing your dream job, regardless of the state of the economy.

Highlighted below are some tips from career experts on how to maximize your job search. 

Consistent personal development: Kennedy, a Human Resource Generalist at a Lagos-based bank, told Nairametrics that the key word is consistency. He said:

Be among the first to apply: With many open jobs on the market, hiring managers are increasingly under pressure to fill roles. So, the best way to get ahead of the competition is to be the first in line to apply for a job opening.

LinkedIn research has shown that you’re four times more likely to hear back about a position if you apply within the first 10 minutes of the job being posted online.

Improve on skills, and certifications: Skills-based hiring has been on the rise for years. Between 2017 and 2019, employers reduced the degree requirements for 46% of middle-skilled positions and 31% of high-skill positions.

  • According to research from Harvard Business Review, more companies have been embracing this approach since the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Companies are requiring more specific soft skills requirements in their job postings and evaluating hard skills using various methods, including certifications and evaluations.
  • Based on job descriptions and conversations with people in related roles, you should determine the top five skills that are most pertinent to the job you want to stand out in the job search. Then, you should determine whether you are comfortable using those skills.

What to do when you land your dream job: When you land your dream job, here are some things to know to establish yourself on the job.

According to Audrey Daniel, the HR Director of Flosmart Energy Services, here are some tips to excel at work when you do land your dream job:

  • Provide value to the organization and deliver above expectations. Never deliver exactly what is expected, always leave the recipients of your work speechless.
  • Be innovative, except in certain industries where some things must be done by the book. Mediocre work puts you below the mark; excellence makes you noticeable and preferred.
  • It is better to be over-qualified for your current position. Do not sit in your comfort zone for too long. This way, even if you get hit, you wouldn’t take long before you land something even bigger.”


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