NPC Application Status: Why Your Application Status is Showing “Pending”

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NPC Application Status: Why Your Application Status is Showing “Pending”

NPC Application Status: Why Your Application Status is Showing “Pending”

Looking forward to your question, “Why is Application Status” PENDING”, My Application Status is Showing Pending,” your question becomes the subject of the matter because we are here to direct you on how to solve this issue, but before we go any further, have you applied for a job at the National Population Commission (NPC) and your application status is showing as “pending”? If yes, you are not alone. www.haskenews.com.ng is here for you to direct you on how to solve the problem

If you have been wondering why your Application Status in the NPC portal is still showing pending while some people have been approved in the same LGA; here are a few things that might be going on:

1. As you all know, the portal has been under pressure for the past two weeks. They might have approved your application, but the congestion isn’t allowing it to show in the portal. You need to give it some time before concluding that you were not shortlisted.

2. The essence of the screening was to select the best candidate. That you were screened is not a guarantee that you’ll be approved for training. So if your status is showing pending, it could be that you were not selected.

3. Another reason could be that more people applied than the quota needed. If you notice, not everybody was sent text messages for screening. It was a measure used to decimate the number of applicants.

4. Some states are still screening and uploading names.

How to Recheck Your Application Status

Noted: The only browser that will allow you to is Phoenix browser

i. Step 1: Click on the link address https://2023censusadhocrecruitment.nationalpopulation.gov.ng you can copy the link address and paste it into the Phoenix Browser

ii. Step 2: Press on Check “Application Status

iii. Step 3: “Enter Your Application Code” or NIN Number in the space provided

iv. Step 4: Press on “PROCEED” and give it some minutes to load due to the network

v. Step 5: Checkout “Application Status: which among Pending or Approved

vi. Step 6: if the Application Status was “Approved” press on Submit Bank Details

vii. Step 7: Enter your Account Number, Select Account Type & Select Bank Name.

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