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Quella Murdered In Mexico Death Video

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Quella Murdered In Mexico Death Video
justice for Quella 

Quella Murdered In Mexico Death Video

Quella Murdered In Mexico. There are still a lot of people from everywhere worldwide that are still searching to find more info about a 25-year-old woman named Shaquella Robinson who was beaten to death in a fight by her friends in Mexico following her trip
Quella Mexico’s death makes many people mad on social media after a viral video that showed her naked and one of her friends beating her while the others are busy recording with their phones

Quella Murdered In Mexico
Shaquella Robinson was found dead after two days of that fight with her friends inside a hotel in Mexico, And according to the friends, she died because of alcohol poisoning. But it seems the Shaquella family didn’t believe she died because of that
A Twitter caption reads: “There’s a story about a 25-year-old girl named Shanquella Robinson who went to Mexico with a group of friends, And one of the girls on the trip beat her to death. Shanquella was literally naked and wouldn’t fight back. Five other friends were there and did not intervene.”

Quella murdered in Mexico death video is being shared by many social media users on Twitter like crazy, and the reactions to the video are expressing how people are very angry about this woman’s death; they said she was betrayed by friends.

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— Peace Justice (@DwightLeonfutch) November 30, 2022

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