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Jorhat Girl Viral Video 2023 (Darshana Bharali)

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Jorhat Girl Viral Video 2023
Jorhat Girl Viral Video

Jorhat Girl Viral Video 2023 (Darshana Bharali New)

Jorhat Girl Viral Video 2023 is trending on social media like crazy after a 72-year-old man in Assam died by suicide following the leak of his private video titled Darshana Bharali Video with a college girl on the P*rn site.

Jorhat viral video 2023 is causing a lot of trouble in India because that old man can’t bear the shame he brought to his family, resulting in his taking his own life.

Jorhat Girl Viral Video 2023

The report confirmed that the 72-year-old was seduced by a college girl to have s*x with her. And then later, the video was recognized as Darshana Bharali after the girl uploaded it on the P*rn site.

The Darshana Bharali viral video is also shared on Twitter and other social media sites like Reddit and Facebook. You can find the Original Jorhat Girl Viral Video if it has not been removed.

The source reported that the Jorhat girl had already been arrested by local police following this incident, along with another three students who were accused of this matter. And further investigation is underway.

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