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Hushpuppi’s Biography, Net worth, and Source of Wealth

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Hushpuppi’s Biography, Net worth, and Source of Wealth

Biography, Net worth, and Source of Wealth

Hushpuppi is a Nigerian celebrity, who got his stardom on Instagram where he used to display himself in a luxurious lifestyle. The mode of
his life has led many African youths to idolize him and take him as their role
model. Before he was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),
nobody knew about his source of income and nobody was curious to know. This article
is going, to sum up, everything that you may wish to know about Hushpuppi, ranging
from Hushpuppy’s Profile, Hushpuppy’s Biography, Hushpuppy’s Source of Income, Hushpuppy’s
net worth also about Hushpuppi the Series by American rapper, 50Cent.

 Now the Hushpuppy profile:

Actual Name

Roman Olorunwa Abbas

Place of Birth

Osun State, Nigeria


Nigerian / United Arab Emirate

Date of Birth

14th June, 1988

Source of income

Cybercrime ( popularly known as Yahoo, in Nigeria)

Net Worth

$55 Millions 

 verified Social media Handles

Hushpuppi (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook)



Language spoken 

Yoruba, English and conversational Arabic




Hushpuppi’s Early Life

Hushpuppi’s Biography, Net worth, and Source of Wealth

Ramon Abbas was born on the 14th of June, 1988 in
the state of Osun, Nigeria. But his parents later relocated to Lagos state
where Hushpuppi  grew up with a humble beginning he had his secondary school
education at Government College Ikorodu, in the Lagos state of Nigeria. After his secondary education, he was not able to further his education due to financial
constraints. His family was very poor and was not able to sponsor his education.
This gave Hushpuppi a chance to struggle for survival as how the regular boys used
to be in the state of Lagos. It was reported that Ramon was into different
petty businesses to earn living and support his poor family. But his
well-known business was selling fairly used clothes (second-hand) before he
later relocated to Malaysia. In Malaysia, he started doing well and after
a while, he moved to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates and he lived there
till the time when was arrested.

Hushpuppi’s lifestyle

Hushpuppi’s Biography, Net worth, and Source of Wealth

Prior to his arrest Hushpuppi lived a luxurious lifestyle,
he was all the time dressing in expensive designer clothes. Especially the
world-known designer brands such as D&G, Fendi, Nike, Gucci, declaring for and, many more. There
was a certain time that Hushpuppi used to accuse some celebrities of
flaunting fake clothes which led him to have some grudges against those celebrities.
He was the reason for the titled ‘Telli person’ song by a Nigerian singer,
Timaya featuring Olamide and Phyno who were the ones he had a very strong
feud with. The song was lyrically directed to Hushpuppi , accusing him of being
a fraudster and a swindler. The song also went ahead in condemning his
lifestyle, especially wearing expensive clothes instead of investing the money into a profitable
business. In fact, the song further prophesied that if Hushpuppy continues with such expensive life, he would be arrested by the authorities. And alas, the
prophecy was accomplished.


Hushpuppi’s Source of

The Instagram celebrity’s story changed instantly after his
relocation to Malaysia. Since that time people started spreading rumors about
his source of income. Some were saying he was a drug dealer, and some were saying
he was into the ritual cult. People speculated how he became rich in a
short period, which according to them it is misery. But he gagged the
mouth of all the rumor mongers after declared that he was into the real-estate

The real source of Hushpuppy’s wealth was known to the
public after he was arrested by Interpol in Dubai for accusing him of
cybercrime in 2020. He was later extradited to USA the  and faced trial for criminal
charges and conspiracy to launder money obtained from business emails that led
to fraud and scam of about $40 million, illegal transfer of$14.7 million from a
foreign financial institution, and intended to steal the sum of $ 125 million
from the English premier league football club. Hushpuppi and his team defrauded
a U.S based law firm client, the sum of $956,546 in October 2019. He engaged
into many cybercrimes which are yet to be known. Therefore, Hushpuppi acquired
his wealth through the cybercrime


Hushpuppi’s Net Worth
and cars

2020 Rolls Royce Cullinan

N 120 million

Rollsmillion rolls Royce Wraith

N 86 million Bugatti

BugattiBugatti Bugatti Vyron

N 250 million Ferrari Ferrari

Ferrari 458 Italian

N 150 Million

Lamborghini Avendator

N 123 million

Housemillion house in Dubai worth

$ 10 million



Hushpuppy Sentenced
to Prison

 The central district
court of California has adjusted the sentence of the Nigerian cybercrime Guru,
Ramon Abbas for the fourth time within the time of his trial. If you could
recall, Hushpuppi was arrested in June 2020 alongside his accomplice over the
accusation of bordering on cybercrime, impersonation, scamming, and Banking fraud. The arrest took place on the soil of the United Arab later and alter later on
was extradited to the united state of America for trials.

In July 2021, hushpuppi accepted the charges and pleaded
guilty to the millions of dollars in fraud laid against him by the US government. He
was sentenced to prison to serve 21 years jail term but later was slashed down
to 11 years. The year’s reduction was due to his commitment to good relationships with other prisoners and hardworking in his assigned duties.


Hushpuppi the Series
to be Produced by 50 Cent

The well-known American Rap star and producer, James Jackson
all, popularly known as 50 Cent, announced the plan to produce a movie series on
the story of Hushpuppi. In his words, he wrote “For my scammers, I gotta do this
one, Hushpuppi series coming soon! (GLG) Green Light Gang, I don’t miss it”


Hushpuppi the Series to be Produced by 50 Cent



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