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Girl Killed In Mexico By Friends In Cabo (Shanquella Robinson Fight Video Twitter)

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Girl Killed In Mexico By Friends
Girl Killed In Mexico By Friends

Girl Killed In Mexico By Friends In Cabo (Shanquella Robinson Fight Video Twitter)

Girl Killed In Mexico By Friends In Cabo. Social media users are outraged about the death of a 25-year-old woman who was beaten to death by her friends in Mexico. Shanquella Robinson Fight Video lost her precious life in Cabo after she went to Mexico with a group of friends for a trip.
The report about her passing says she died because of alcohol poisoning, but many people are blaming Shaquella’s friends for her death because of the fight she had with one of them.
Girl Killed In Mexico By Friends
A Twitter caption reads: “There’s a story about a 25-year-old girl named Shanquella Robinson who went to Mexico with a group of friends, 

And one of the girls on the trip beat her to death. Shanquella was literally naked and wouldn’t fight back. Five other friends were there and did not intervene.”

Shanquella Robinson Fight Video Twitter

Shaquella Robinson’s fight video is being shared by many social media users on Twitter like crazy, and the reactions to the video are expressing how people are very angry about this woman’s death; they said she was betrayed by friends.
The fight video that was uploaded on Twitter is barely 20 seconds long, but thousands of people have already watched it, and it is also being shared on social media platforms. Here are some people’s tweets about the Shaquella Robinson video.
Girl Beat To Death In Cabo
Did y’all hear about this story? (girl killed in Mexico by friends) This young lady went on a friend’s trip to Cabo and was dead within 24 hours of being there. #JusticeForShanquella”
For her to have a broken neck AND a cracked spine, the trauma had to have been IMMENSE. You don’t just punch somebody a couple times and break their neck and spine. on top of the other injuries to her face. They murdered her violently. #ShanquellaRobinson

People can be in your face all day and secretly hate you. I can’t stress this enough. Being around someone who doesn’t like you is dangerous. I read energy well. They tormented that girl while she was naked… Throw the whole friend group under the bus. #shanquellarobinson

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